A feis (pronounced ‘FESH’) is the Irish word for festival and is an Irish dancing competition. Drake Asheville Branch encourages participation in competitions, but it is not mandatory. There will be many local opportunities to compete. Please see the “Competitions” page on the Drake School of Irish Dance website for dates of Southern region competitions.

Drake dancers first begin competing locally, and then many strive to reach the Oireachtas (Southern Regional Championships), the National Championships, and the World Championships.

For more information regarding competitions, registration, feis attire, etc. please see our informative documents listed here: 


What is a feis?

A feis (pronounced “FESH”) is the Irish word for festival and is an Irish Dancing competition. Many feisanna (plural) have other forms of competition involving Irish culture such as an art competition, a music competition, or an Irish soda bread baking contest.


What is an Oireachtas?

Within the context of Irish dance, Oireachtas (pronounced “O-ROCK-TUS”) is an annual regional championship competition. Prestigious in its own right, the Oireachtas also serves as a qualifying event for the National and World Competitions. The Southern Region Oireachtas is also referred to as “the SRO”. The Irish word "oireachtas" literally means "gathering". A convenient mnemonic for the spelling of Oireachtas is “Oh, I reach to a star”

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feis sportsmanship

Though Irish Dance creates a family, a feis is still a competition. And with any competition there will always been winners and losers. Here are some guidelines about Feis Sportsmanship so that everyone has the best time they possibly can have. 


What Should I Bring to a Feis?

A Dancer needs many things to be successful at a Feis. Below is a list of items that will help your dancer be the best they can possibly be!